A work of video art entitled Veritas Curat received a 'Special Mention' award during the 1st International Festival of Video Art about Art and Illness (FICAE),  University of Valencia, 14-16.01.15.


It was made in collaboration with the photographer Abraham Calero and the interdisciplinary collaboration was made possible with the assistance of the composer Daniel Alzamora-Dickin, the Plastic Surgeon Dr Roca, the University Hospital of Son Espaces, the children (Kiran and Innes Truyol Hall & Arnau, Albert y Pau Duran Mayol )  and  the Orfeo Artanec choir of Artá who participated in the video (Karina Arel, Victória Serra Ferragut, Esther Martinez Morao, Ricard Lopez. Climent Obrador, Maria Biela Ginard, Francesca Server Pascual, Antoni Estera Roselló, Francisco Ginard, Antoni Serra Gelabet, Maria del Pilar Lucas, Carme Cobo Sureda, Joana de Massanet Ferrer, Rosa Maria Julità, Catalina Fernández, Antonía Ferragut, Isabel Ginard, Balbina F dil Fuster , Esperanca Morey, Antonia Obrador, Antonia Obrador Álzina)