100 years of Speleology in Mallorca


Within the museum's programming for the year of the Archduke Luis Salvador 2015 and from the project of Natasha Hall located  at the time in the l’Observatori of the museum, a conference took place on the 19th of February which focused on the theme of speleology in Mallorca. The Archduke in 1896 promoted the exploration of the Caves of Drach in Porto Cristo, by the renowned French caver E.M. Martel. In the present day the famous Cuevas del Drach continue to be investigated by a prestigious interdisciplinary team from the UIB of speleologists, biologists, geologists...studying and recording the data to find trends and climate changes, among other themes, whilst discovering and maping new caves. The talk featured the director of the museum, Nekane Aramburu, who presented the event; the artist and geographer Natasha Hall, that through presentation of her project connected to the intervention of Mateu Durán (guide to the Caves of Drach), who will talked about its history until the arrival of the present research presented by the team of Joan Fornós UIB (PhD in Geological Sciences and Professor of Earth Sciences at the UIB) and Xisco Gracia (speologist, diver and biologist).


In collaboration with: Any Arxiduc, Pere Seda, UIB, Cuevas del Drach.